Team Outing - Savandurga

It was our team-building day !!! All of us came gather early in the morning yeah early and all set for Savandurga. We had ball time while traveling out there , AC bus broke down just 12 km away from Bangalore. So our great gurus decides to travel further and not to wait and blame any one. Bangalore Mahanagar Palike's bus.But that was not enough then we had a bone-checker ride in temp , yeah right , we had everyone in tempo , team-building. Somebody cracked a joke " Please do collect your belonging after ride , please do check your bones" :-)).
It was awesome when we landed there , worth pain :-) , The adventure team gave us Caps and water bottle along with food :-), I felt where the heck they good this cook in this jungle, who cooked nice food , better than some place on MGRoad .

Adventure activity was raffting and Rapping , Creative and Team building was , Creating Missile Launcher and Balloon race , and passing rope knot. I like them all even though i did not win some of them. I played Cricket and football during the rest time. After Lunch we headed for the Mountain / Rock climbing . It look ok to climb but stepping down as difficult as it was tiring going up. . We had meditation on the rocks :-D. yeah I was so tired i was almost felt a sleep while it was going on. We came down to had Hi-tea and I had lots of pattice and lots of tea :-).It was pleasant surprise, when got a award for shouting all the time :-D
Return journey was not that enthu at starting , slowly and steady we have build a antashari environment and pulled everybody in it :-D. Some individuals was remarkable in the contest .

All day was like dream come true. I really enjoyed my trip .


Celebrtating Holi

It was my first Holi celebration in namma bangaluru. I was not happy about "Holi and working at office" and so took off early . Purchase 3kgs of colors and left for EGL . Before leaving there did lot of flame work on mailing list and on IM about Bangalore's sadness about it. But was just a myth like all other things. People never tasted Holi so they was not found of it.

As we painted the people in color of joy , happiness .There was no status barrier while painting the people. Some of the people even joined us to continue the "Holi" work . After painting around dozens of people at evening I left for home .
Was very tired and nothing like shower in this situation. I was flat on the bed till next day morning .

I was happy that I celebrated and cribbed . I missed Mumbai for all those special food preparation.

Going South - Trichy and Temples

Going South was always fascinating for me . It was my chance to see the places . Thanjavur, formerly known as Tanjore, is a city in Tamil Nadu, in southeastern India.And the ospicious occasion was my colleague's marriage. All though I spent more time in traveling rather relaxing. But I swear i enjoyed travel , and of course the food :) (/me was always stuffed.. equipped).

The evening bus journey on a Friday evening initiated my travel towards the destiny. Was not very sure how it will be so .. prepared my mind for any situations. All night could not get the sleep . I hate valvo running in traffic with much of speed breaker . Some How i managed to have dinner. As soon as bus got its first pit stop i was out and searching for good food . Middle of night , and guess what I got .. Popcorns and Sugar cane juice & thou was satisfied with this feast. It was dawn when landed in Trichy .

The Voyage started early morning , Temple one , Temple two . Both temple was good and was unique in their style. Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu .
Till noon this temple "hopping" lasted. And I was suddenly religious person . (/of course after seeing the prasada). Thanjavur was the destiny for the side seeing .Palace and Art museum and the Watch Tower , Photo gallery. Some how I felt University building was well maintained than the palace ;-). Then visited yet another temple. Evening I was more sleepy than usual & crashed in bed . End of the Holy Day ( holiday :-) )

Palace was huge , its spread across over 100 acres. Art and Photo gallery are treat to eyes. There is small shop for some goodies . I amused to see all the history without the book.

The marriage was every early in the morning. Everything was fine till i got paged and my tour was again horrified by the pager menace . Consolidation was that it was at the end ceremony.
And return travel started.

YEP 2005
Yup it was YEP Yahoo Year End Party for 2005. It was so awesome that even rain God and shown its attendance over there .

Songs , dance sequences , Talent Shows , Ratna Awards and DJ Dance Floor along with Sports activities , Beer , and food was awesome . The place and people were phenomenal.

I was On my bike showing off my new jacket , bike and cap and got some reward for that also .. was parallel to the ground while coming back on a sharp turn and my roomie actually driven my bike along with me back :((

Diwali Dhoom

It was Diwali Celebration all over the place , so do at my place too. Thanks to D for thinking. Sam, D and me was in the organizing mood f or the DC .We planned and started calling the guest early morning.
With lots of good responses it was hint toward coming thing . Aravind came to see and help us . we had called gone for the shopping the small but essential things . we already had a diwali diya , china light and Akashdeep .

As evening started we had guest arriving and i was doing the "public carrier" part. Most of the time i was on the bike guiding people toward house. In between the two trips i manage to take some drinks and food . It started drizzling when we went out to get some more crackers. It was fun having so many friends to celebrate the occasion.

The Light in the darkness of the night was cutting through the distance between the people and the feelings. Food ,Booze and gaming was on . It went till midnight. Nothing is 100% , so do this party last half hour was very hectic. But overall it was fun!!!!

Chennai Rains!!!
Chennai Rains!!!!
It was out last day at Chennai stay and it was pouring like cats and dogs.Where ever u can see there was rain water. Thunderstorm was predicted. Missed breakfast , missed lunch , what i had was puff and small samosa with coffee. Ravi ,Alex and Chari was there with me along with driver in the four hour marathon drive in the rain.

Chennai Campus - Anna University
It was first time i was visiting Chennai for the campus , was very excited for that. Got up very early in morning, and ready for the flight ,after few calls cab was found near the house. I was there for check-in "in time ".
The biggest mistake i have done it not taken my breakfast .. not even coffee before doing the the security check .. thinking that Bangalore has got the "Coffee Desk" inside the Airport after security check in. This is very pathetic Bangalore Domestic airport *has to* upgrade .. man it is desert .

Thanks good they serve some snacks in the plane , but this was turning to me soon . We got into the plane and packed our self into the cozy seats. I was something that will be served hot and keep me warm , I had my jacket on. What a waste of puff and cake it , was frozen . What i got in my tray was fruity , water , puff (frozen , again i will mention it every time i write that in my blog . /me damn pissed with it).

Was landed in Chennai in 30 mins was very good flight, was amaze by the Chennai airport , it felt me very huge and good international quality (of-course after seeing the Bangalore on any thing is better ). Just helped ourselves in the cab and reached to the Anna University , thanks to Chennai traffic we make in just 1hr late. The Presentation was not starting for some reasons waisted 15 mins . But Shridhar handled the situation very well . I was surprise by the communication skills of him. We had presentation some goodies where thrown and we were all set for the written test. Did that and had lunch at 2:30 and my problem started. I have very strict diet intake timing. Soon I was flat on the table .Some how manage to finish the paper correction . Generally people to to restaurant for having food , i went to 'Sangeetha' and thew up :((. was not able to touch tab 'Paper Dosa' which covered my table and specially ordered lemon tea. What a waist of time , i killed it 2 hr for 'nothing' . Finished entire interview rounds and "pushed off" for hotel , "the Park" , man it rockz . Had food and by the time i went to bed , it clocked 2:30 .

Next day morning started 'this entry' and after assessing the condition outside we took 'wise decision to check out the hotel' . Boy It took us 1 hr to cross 3 kilo meter was i think this was not sufficient .We showed our faces to HR in the campus and rushed to airport which was ~12 km away. It tooked us 3 and half hour to get a glimpse of it. After all negations we were able to board on next flight , by time we grounded in the Bangalore it was 19 hr .

In short most of time in the Quails and on the mobile phone and looking around and praising the Lord , we came back before expected thunder storm on Friday (i.e tomorrow).

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Photo Stream :

9 hr at bangkok

BK- Parlament

King's Place

BK - Me at airport

BK- some Parlamentary House

HKA2 - Sunrise

MT3- me at marble temple

SBT-4 Statue

Hotel .. starting point for our tour

Madikeri Photos :)

Bhudhist Monastery

Wonderful flower @ Monastery

Foggy City .. Madikeri

say chese...

Abbye waterfall - ek ,do ,tin, char ..

say it again :-D

Creeping towards Coorg
After long discussion whole week , we finally decided to spend our weekend at a Hill Station called Madikeri (AKA Coorg)

It was dark quiet dawn when i started from the home .Morning start was very good as there was low traffic . Our "kafila" was consisting of a Lancer and my Honda Unicorn. And five of us. I was on bike till CCD . there was some moments where i was behind the car and i chased it. It was whole time same scene like Tom and Jerry Show. We had break at Cafe Coffee Day. After some refreshments and snacks . We started the journey again .

There was bit confusion where to take turn to go to Madikeri from Mysore Road . We took a turn which showed us green L&T campus and Infy big palace like campus. Some how we manage to skip the turn at SriRangapattanam.

We had sandwiches on the way after taking turn . For last 40 km i was relaxing back on bike .hilly region with coffee plantation on both side of road. Tree was looking as if they are welcoming the guest in green grass coat. . Finally we manage to creep in to the Coorg. First it look like small city but it is spread across the hill . In this grand city we were hunting for the hotel after hopping 2-3 hotel we landed at East End Hotel. In 5 mins we were at the lunch table :) After food I did had bath . while rest were catching up some sleep i went on for long walk curious about the life style in Coorg.

In evening after nice coffee we moved towards waterfall called "Abbi Falls" . The name of the falls was written in various possible ways on the road indicators (very few of them ) . It was very good place to visit water dew everywhere :) After wondering the nature and its beauty ..and of course some photography we decided move on. On the way back , we stopped at restaurant for some snacks. Bajji and Dosa with hot soup and coffee was the on the table after good 30 mins after order. It drizzled while we were at restaurant.It was shopping time .. we went to some place which was famous for its spice and local products like Honey , we also bought cards and booze . After all shopping went back to hotel .. Played cards some game which i could not recollect the name. I hit the sleeping bag ..but it was not enough for the day , could manage to sleep half the time and rest half i was rolling for more space and air .

Early in the morning there was hazy hill view , i had atleast 2 coffee .. some how manage to get ready for departure . While on the breakfast table i saw a locale coorgi women in traditional dress . After prolonged breakfast session we had photo session . It was time to say good bye to Madikeri . We had plans to see Nisargadhama and Tibetan colony on the way back .

Nisargadhama was very good place . From all the wild animal we could able to see some monkeys ,rabbits and deers. We climbed on top of bamboo 'machaan', there was mention of Elephant Safari but could not find any . It started raining while we were on the way to Tibetan colony to do some shopping as well as to visit the temple .I rode the bike in 2.6 km of farm standing for corp. It was very beautiful to see and ride the bike on those road. all-though i was wet i could not feel it until i went there. In the Monastery we saw 3 temples and lots of students. we did some shopping of goodies and we headed towards the hotel in search of food on the way back. There was confusion as i somehow crossed the car and went ahead .. so it resulted in the loss of time and food pit stop :( . So we decided to move on to next coming town and have food.

After ridding 20km Hunsur was the place where i refuel my bike and stuffed my mouth with veg puff and banana. After traveling 100 km from coorg , at evening we took food stop at hotel heritage. It was very nice ans specious hotel (i wish i could say same for their service ), it took them 30 min to deliver a second coffee.

On Way back to Bangalore , I took a break at CCD i was feeling like.. will i make it back to Bangalore on bike ? I had no choice but to carry on and some encouragement from friends and seeing other bike roadies I finally made it to Bangalore .yes it was i me myself back to Bangalore . But you what i got Welcome to Bangalore by the rain god.. it was like u have ran enough son .. time to take break .. how about a drizzle or a rain shower :-D .

We came back to office and i left my Unicorn at office for rest . I was in car carrying fish bowl , and then went home.Overall this trip has got many things for me . I think i should be part of such many trip.

Receptions to remember
Receptions on Sunday was the most remembering thing for me in this quarter . it was awesome . I was wondering how i am landed here.
It all begins with journey towards it,

* People
* Place
* Decoration and Environment
* Music
* Imagination &
* Food :-D

Very interesting as soon as we entered the garden it was lighten up with bulbs and the effect of Green trees yellow & red electric tiny little bulbs and the blue sky with black and white cloud with elegant pink color of the evening was too much for me to handle .

The Decoration with Orchid and 2 big video screen the fountain and the reception area from the lush green lawn it was looking like heaven ..or place to be . It red color of lighting in clam blue water , which was disturb by falling drops of water from fountain. it was really awesome or may i say the wonderful evening i ever saw. I was served lemon juice .. it was tested me better wine for me that moment .. (seriously i was missing it :-D ). The DJ was playing nice music it was like open pub / food bar :)

i was really amused and touched by the so many things in little over 45 mins in one single day :)


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