VLC and Desktop keybindings
In major time waste of my life  found the way that i can control vlc from desktop  keyboard  short keys . Here is the prepration for the reciepe. 

1. install the freeking vlc software ... its pain to get it working on the dekstop which don't support communities updates
    got working somehow with corrrect ffmpeg version
2. get the keybord binding software ..that is easy xbindkeys.
3. now stich it together .
4. make sure that we are running vlc with http interface up
      e.g.  vlc -I http
more info at  offical vlc site  also read the doc @ this link

$cat ~/.xbindkeysrc

# Pause
"export DISPLAY=:0.0 ;/home/sachinr/bin/vlc_commands pause "

# start 
"export DISPLAY=:0.0 ;/home/sachinr/bin/vlc_commands start"

# next 
"export DISPLAY=:0.0 ;/home/sachinr/bin/vlc_commands next"

# prev  
"export DISPLAY=:0.0 ;/home/sachinr/bin/vlc_commands back"

And then create the wrapper progamme 

$ cat ~/bin/vlc_commands


case $1 in

CMD="pause" ;

CMD="stop" ;

CMD="play" ;


CMD="previous" ;
CMD="play" ;

$CURL "$URI$CMD" 2>/dev/null  1>/dev/null

exit 0 ;


1/2 Decade @ Yahoo!
Wow ! , What a time i had @ Yahoo! in last 5 year

::Things that i have achieved::

- Learnt a lot , especially application with large scale , monitoring , app and infrastructure.
- worked with 5 different teams ( HJ-Zycys , MyYahoo! , OpsTools , YSM-ASO , YSS-PE )
- worked with 6 different manger (PenchalG , BalajiN ,RanaV,SureshKH , MridulJ, ShankerB)
- visited USA 3ice.
- Got one U Rock and One Beyond call of duty
- And still have pager :)
- Visited many campus and done tons of Interviews
- Given lots of Training Session on Monitoring @Yahoo and Production Operations -HOWTO

::As Group activity ::

- Visited lots of place in and arround Bangalore and South india.
- Did bungee jump , Kayaking ,para gliding (sea and land) , bike ridding >300km in a day

::Things that I have lost::

- PHP development
- very close colleague ,collage friends , and few special one which was i had 5 yrback
- attitude todo all insane thing that i could do as bachelor
- Hair on the Head

::What i'm now? just a guy ::
- , a family guy .
- with lot of Weight
- and with more Friends
-oh yes , still with job @ Yahoo! :-)

Running in Mist
A call by friend "dude , there is run on sunday morning be there , start by 5:30 "

next day call from same friend "its 5:30 , where are u?" , me gets my tea and pickup car.

and rush towards airport ...40km away from my home there is nature's home "prakruti" ...

by time i reach there the run started and me with friend started walking on the marked lines in the misty morning along countryside.
running in the mist

Out of Hybernation !
It seems like i was living life of someone else till this month and now feel like "i'm back!" .

Long Time No Sea!
Missing Bombay mari jaan !

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Holi Day
Eventful and surprising day , was happy to see new people around made new friendz ,
had bhang and lots of fun.
Morning after breakfast , my house was raided by Nikhil's gang , Nikhil , AM , Aligator aka Surjeet and Anand and then soon followed by SAPians Rahul , Lokesh , Spotty and Aditya.
The colours were all over the terrace and of-course on participants. Aditya bought the stuff and Swapnil and Chandu prepared it.
It was nice experience although it took toll on me resulting me over sleeping on Sunday afternoon.

Sankarti Super Sunday
A great start for the Sunday .. As woke up at 6:30 (yeah that's right 6:30 in the morning :-D ), Rushing home ,cutting thought the fog on the intermediate ring road at some decent speed made my hands as chilled as ice candies .

Why? .. was the question for this early start in this cold then there was answer i wanted to attend a Marathi musical program by Salil and Sandeep. This was the Version 2 of their last year's performance.

The crowd was wonderful and when the prg began it was musical treat, hearing the songs and the poems that touched my heart for few moments but impacting every moment of my life. Although me and swap was got the place at one extreme of balcony but we did lots of commentary work and swap did as usual the naming rituals for almost every person he can see. Meet new friends and so some usual faces too. Thanks to Anand who has given me the ticket for the show.

The food was the next question ... but that was solved by Chandu's mom . Since she came in Bangalore my Marathi food problem been solved :D. This was the first time that i was been having food that i like on the festive season. Really i thank chandu and his mom for that.

Upto Tea time i was doing somethings which most of the time i called TP like , ripping cd , sipping tea and watching the DDLJ . Something always happens when more than one enthu person is present at my place :D, so this time also it struck !!

"Go Karting" was on the menu ... so the plans was ready in 15 mins and we were there in hours time ... getting though the Bangalore Traffic to reach RT Nagar. This was the First time i was holding steering of that tiny toy-like vehicle (?). At first sight it look very easy to me .."piece of cake" but it turned more interesting we zoomed thought the lanes "Santosh , Swapnil , Kaustubh , Praveen and Me ". Although I manage to came 2nd place after being start last, byt not before banging 3 cars and smashing a dozens tires on the track . By the time i was looking good on track it was my last lap . As usual every good thing has come to an end this one also .... But it was really awesome experience better than bowling . Now this is on my radar if there is any every personal or professional. The Coffee day along the track was also looking great.

I really need to thank Anand , Chandu & his mom and Santosh for have such wonderful day in my life. But am I missing someone ... there was one person common throughout...yeah mr swap. . :-)

Thank you God , please let everyone have such wonderful day ... and every holiday of mine , be like this much action packed and spaced on track.

Mysore Dasera Trip

It was a planned event by  my roomie Swap , for the kayaking and Bunggy jummping .
Bike on the Mysore road rocks!!! 80 avg speed turns out to be great thing todo except when it rains.
Breakfast at Ramnagar and then sncks at Srirangapattanam . Then went along with the adventure sports guys to pandavakada. And landed on Visweshwarya canal for kayaking. After the 3 hr we moved on to the Mysore University Pavalion grounds for bunngy jumpping . It was awesome , heights still scares me.
Got room booked and went to CCD and then moved to Palace and finially Ramanshree for food.

It was awesome day !

That what i called action packed day :-D

Run Bangalore Run!
Bangalore Marathon

The experience to be part of the mammoth race is awesome. I was privileged, to be there and I'm proud of it :D.
Of course it was not that easy to get off and run on Sunday morning. Swapnil took lots of effort to get registration done just few hours before the race day.

On the day we had nice juice and went early there. I was surprised to so many people running in half marathon which was 21 km. I didn't even look at the full marathon 42 km. I just preferred and told myself the achievement of my life is 7km Celebration Run! .

The venue was quite full of people , the joy and the energy there was wonderful. Also lots of company used this occasion to brand them self . the firms which mark their presence was : kotak (yessss... give me red), LG soft, Times Group (red cap). Britannia . I really like their idea of bringing the employee to the marathon and making it feel special.

The race was painful for sometime and then it went smooth as the time passed . I was totally tired after crossed post #1 but seeing people around and especially physically challenged one i was inspire to run.

I saw uncle , aunty , Parikrma kidz , fat guys than me :-D , running faster than me . but after some (de)moralization i ran upto the finish .

Really its fun .. My heart says ....let do it again .............


emmmmm ...may be after a year or so ;-)

Mangalore , Malpe and st Mary's Island

me Koli
  • Night Travel pleasure and pain
  • Morning Sea and Swimming
  • TT and Snoocar , brunch
  • Temple , Lake View and dinner
  • Morning Ragga at breakfast
  • Ferry to St Mary's Island
  • Living on rocky island
  • Washout at Malpe
  • wayback ...
  • The chilled weather .


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