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Run Bangalore Run!
Bangalore Marathon

The experience to be part of the mammoth race is awesome. I was privileged, to be there and I'm proud of it :D.
Of course it was not that easy to get off and run on Sunday morning. Swapnil took lots of effort to get registration done just few hours before the race day.

On the day we had nice juice and went early there. I was surprised to so many people running in half marathon which was 21 km. I didn't even look at the full marathon 42 km. I just preferred and told myself the achievement of my life is 7km Celebration Run! .

The venue was quite full of people , the joy and the energy there was wonderful. Also lots of company used this occasion to brand them self . the firms which mark their presence was : kotak (yessss... give me red), LG soft, Times Group (red cap). Britannia . I really like their idea of bringing the employee to the marathon and making it feel special.

The race was painful for sometime and then it went smooth as the time passed . I was totally tired after crossed post #1 but seeing people around and especially physically challenged one i was inspire to run.

I saw uncle , aunty , Parikrma kidz , fat guys than me :-D , running faster than me . but after some (de)moralization i ran upto the finish .

Really its fun .. My heart says ....let do it again .............


emmmmm ...may be after a year or so ;-)


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